Wyoming Electrical Continuing Education Courses


License Renewal Deadline: Journeyman Electricians: Every three years by January 1st. Master Electricians: Every three years by July 1st.

Continuing Education Requirements: Master and Journeyman Electricians: 16 hours. At least 8 of the 16 hours must be from a course that specifically covers the National Electrical Code.

State website link:   Wyoming Electrical Board

These courses are APPROVED by the State of Wyoming. When you complete your course we will email you a Certificate of Completion to include with your license renewal form.



Please choose a course below:

Title Hours Cost
Changes to the 2020 National Electrical Code Part Two - WY20-419C 8 $65
Changes to the 2020 National Electrical Code Part One - WY20-418C 8 $65
Wiring Methods - WY17-177C 8 $65
Electrical Theory and Calculations - WY17-178C 4 $45
Understanding Grounding and Bonding - WY17-179C 4 $45

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