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New Continuing Education Requirements for Colorado Electricians

For the 2017-2020 renewal period, a new law replaced the old continued competency program. The Continuing Competency (CC) Assessment will no longer be administered.

Before renewing in September 2020, all licensed electricians will have to complete 24 hours of continuing education.

Colorado (DORA) Electrical Board

These courses are APPROVED by The Colorado State Electrical Board / DORA, and will be accepted for your continuing education. A MINIMUM of 4 hours of your required 24 hours must be on Code Changes. You can take any combination of the following courses to equal the hours you need.



Please choose a course below:

Title Hours Cost
Changes To the 2017 National Electrical Code Part Two NECC52-2 8 $65
Changes To the 2017 National Electrical Code Part One NECC52-1 8 $65
Wiring Methods WM52-1 8 $65
Electrical Theory and Calculations TC52-1 4 $45
Understanding Grounding and Bonding GB52-1 4 $45

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