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License Renewal Deadline:

Journeyman Electricians: Licenses expire every three years on the date issued.

Continuing Education Requirements:

Electricians are required to complete 32 hours of state approved continuing education to renew their license. We are a State of California approved electrical continuing education provider.

State website link:  California Division of Apprenticeship Standards

Don't waste your time and money taking a course that is not approved!

Our courses will count for your California Certification renewal!


32 hours = $170.00.



Please choose a course below:

Title Hours Cost
California Changes To The 2014 National Electrical Code Part Two - CA2014-3 8 $40
California Changes To The 2014 National Electrical Code Part One - CA2014-2 8 $40
California Electrical Theory and Calculations - CA2014-5 4 $25
California NEC Terminology, Definitions, and Explanations - CA2014-7 4 $25
Understanding Grounding and Bonding Equipment In California - CA2014-6 4 $25
California Common Electrical Inspection Violations - CA2014-4 8 $40

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